10 Things to Know Before you volunteer as a Mentor

1. Make sure you can give at least 1-year to the program. Research shows that kids matched for over a year are more likely to stay in school and avoid risky behavior.

2. Think about how far you’d travel to see your Mentee. Do you have a car? Would you need to ride the Transit?

3. We match you to your Mentee based on your likes and interests not from a waiting list.

4. Think about what times during the week you’d want to hang out with your Mentee. Weekends tend to work best, but ultimately our program is flexible to fit your needs.

5. Do you have any big life events coming up? Getting married? Having a baby? Make sure your significant other is supportive of you being in the program!

6. Are you employed? Do you have any plans on changing jobs within the next year? Location is a huge factor for successful matches so we want to make sure you are staying in the area.

7. We currently have many boys and girls waiting for Mentors. If you have the flexibility, ask about the locations that have the highest need as we serve the entire Central Vancouver Island Area.

8. You don’t necessarily need experience with kids to be a Mentor. We provide you with the tools and training you need throughout the friendship to help you through every obstacle.

9. We want you to go into your Match with realistic expectations. Your Little wants a friend who he can hang out with and talk to. Focus on building your friendship before changing his or her life.

10. Matching you with a Mentee could take some time. Be patient! Speed along the process by getting your recommendations together and clearing some time in your schedule for a phone interview.