Game On! is a 7-week program held after school hours.  The program is currently being offered on a virtual platform, and in-person over school breaks on BBBSCVI agency grounds at certain times throughout the year.

The main goal of the Game On ! program is to develop an appreciation of the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle among boys and young men. In addition, the program provides participants with the tools they require to implement an active, healthy lifestyle.

Although outcomes are important to the program’s success, participants will best engage and learn if they are presented with a fun program and good way to spend a couple of hours after school or during lunch time.

To achieve this, the program includes many games that encompass a wide range of purposes: to simply have fun (being active) but also to address more serious topics and issues

Game On! includes seven, 75-minute core sessions. There are also four extension modules that capture potential issues and topics specific to various locales and the interests of the mentors and program participants. These modules may be used if time permits.

Each session is loosely structured around three themes: physical activity, healthy eating, and self-esteem and communication skills. Icebreakers are interwoven through the themes to encourage participants to get to know each other and the mentors. Nutrition activities are hands-on and engage participants in many discussions about eating habits and steps to choose the most nutrient-rich food and drinks for their growing bodies. Finally, communication activities incorporate a range of stereotype and body image activities as self-esteem-building exercises.


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