Shape the lives of young women

The Go Girls! program is a 7-week program held after school hours.  The program is currently being offered on a virtual platform, and in-person on BBBSCVI agency grounds at certain times throughout the year.

The single, most important goal of the program is to positively shape the lives of young women and girls by helping them build a positive self-image – setting them on a path to reach their full potential in life.

Our program strives to do the following:
  • create appreciation for the benefits of an active, healthy lifestyle
  • build understanding of what constitutes healthy eating habits and the risks associated with eating disorders
  • promote the importance of positive mental activity and regular physical exercise
  • encourage awareness of core values, personal interests, strengths and attributes
  • support the development of leadership and life skills
  • offer guidance in establishing and maintaining friendships
  • and above all, make a difference
Program Details

The Go Girls! program consists of 7 mentoring sessions, held over a 7-10 week period, after school and, within school facilities.

Each 1.5-2 hour-long session is loosely structured around four themes:

  • physical activity
  • healthy eating
  • self-esteem, and
  • communication skills.
Start something™


If you would like to learn more about becoming a mentor or donating to the Go Girls Mentoring program we welcome your questions. Give us a call at 250-756-2447.