Interview with Melissa Peoples

Melissa Peoples is in her 4th year of the Child and Youth Care program at VIU and is doing her internship with us. She also works in the Child and Youth Counselling Program with the Haven Society. She knew Stephen through her involvement in the Community and was interested in learning the dynamics of the mentoring process and the impact it has on children.

Melissa ran two Go Girls programs at Uplands School this year and is also involved in program and proposal development with us. She has also helped out in our internal operations related to our programs and helped out with this year’s Christmas Parade.

“I like the fact that the agency is smaller and very accessible to the public”. She said. “I really have seen firsthand the impact of the programs. I noticed a big difference in the Girls I mentored in the Go Girls Programs. I also like the fact that the programs are cost effective due to the fact that they are run by volunteers.”She said.

Overall Melissa said that she had a good experience with us. She liked the staff and other internship students who have helped out with us and said she has had a positive experience with our agency.