Rijo is a internship student from VIU in the MBA Program visiting us from India. He heard about Big Brothers Big Sisters from a friend (Debashish Sinha who also was an internship student with us) as well as the MBA Society at VIU and chose to do his internship with us.

“My goal was to have an experience with a well known non profit in Canada. I wanted to gain some real world experience working in a well known non profit and learn how it operates”, he said. Rijo has worked primarily in the BIG Deals Clothing Program as well as assisting in many facets of the agency. As part of his program, he created a research project on the operations of a Non Profit and how those procedures can be implemented in a new country. Another aspect to his internship was to assist our agency by creating a procedures manual for the Big Deals Clothing Program.

“I have learned a wide variety of skills working with Big Brothers Big Sisters! I have learned to be confident in myself and in what I am doing! This opportunity has allowed me to really learn how businesses are run in Canada.”, he said.

Rijo also said he appreciates the friendly environment of our office.
“My goal for the future is to work in Corporate Social Responsibility with an organization and my experience here has put me on the path in order to achieve that goa!”