“In 2004, I signed up to become an in-school mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. My mentee is in Grade 2 and her and I are able to do many things in order to improve her self-esteem and interest in school. My mentee’s face lights up when she sees me at her classroom door…Big Brothers Big Sisters have allowed my mentee the opportunity to grow through the difficulties in her life and has allowed me to help. I gain more and more evidence of the positive effects that my mentee is receiving due to Big Brothers Big Sisters every week.There are still more children who are in need of a program such as the programs that Big Brothers Big Sisters have to offer.”

– In-school Mentor

“I first started mentoring as a grade 12 student in 2004 and I still volunteer at Cole Tyee school every Friday. Mentoring changes the lives of young people every day. Classroom teachers frequently report improvement in the child’s confidence, speech, work ethic, behaviour and interaction with others. As well, parents are gratified that their child is receiving individual attention and encouragement. However, mentoring does not only affect the mentee, but also the mentor. I have had the great pleasure of mentoring a little girl. Mentoring has changed my life. It has filled a hole in my heart: the gift of giving. Over the past 2 years I have grown very close to my mentee and hope to work with her for many years to come.”I trust I have provided a picture of the enormous difference Big Brothers Big Sisters continually makes in the community. I most heartily endorse Big Brothers Big Sisters as a candidate for well spent funding.”

In-school Mentor
Cole Tyee School

“Please consider this letter my very strong support of all the programs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Vancouver Island. I am in my third year with this program. During that time I have been at the same school and I have the same two children. I have watched them develop and mature.

The first year I had a difficult time understanding how my presence in their lives was of any use to them. The second year I began to understand just how important the attention I gave them was and now in my third year I see them blossoming.

Some of these children come from horrific circumstances. Some come from homes that don’t give them the attention they need. Some don’t see themselves pretty enough, athletic enough or popular enough.

I now believe coming back each week gives their lives an anchor, a reason to trust and believe and a role model… Just like a Grandma.”

In-school Mentor
Brechin School

“As a volunteer in the teen in-school mentoring program, I have seen firsthand the benefits of such a program. To me, mentoring is the chance to guide a child in a positive way to become a well adjusted member of society. Once a week I visit my little buddy at his school; we play sports, read together, make crafts and essentially spend quality time together.I do feel that I have made a difference in my buddy’s life. He runs to the door to greet me whenever I come to class. He has become less shy around me and already is showing more confidence in his speech. I have been well supported by the BBBS agency. I have recieved quality training and preparation. I truly believe this program is beneficial not just to mentors and children but for the entire community. It is programs like this that make our world a better place to live in.”

Teen in-school mentor

“…I was surprised to find out that not every school in District 69 has BBBS’s in-school mentoring program due to a lack of volunteers. I assumed that all of the elementary schools and middle school had a mentoring program. I made this assumption because of the obvious benefits that can come from this mentoring program. I believe that more people would be interested in making a difference in a child’s life if they knew how and where to volunteer.”- In-school mentor

“Being a Big Brother has given me a purpose in life”

Big Brother since 2002

“When I had to say goodbye to my mentee in June, it actually hurt!”

In-School Mentor,
Brechen School