January is Mentoring Month!




January is Mentoring Month

January is national #Mentoringmonth and one of our agencies has launched the #BeBigger Campaign. It is a chance to tell your story about how mentoring has impacted you as a person.

Everyone Needs a Mentor

They lifted you up, shaped who you are, and taught you your most important life lessons.

It’s time to recognize the mentors you’ve been so lucky to have in your life.

The #BeBigger Challenge is all about raising awareness of children in need of mentoring. By making and sharing your video, thanking your mentors and encouraging support for Big Brothers Big Sisters, you are spreading awareness about how everyone’s personal successes were dependent on having mentors. In the process, you are helping match up kids with mentors they can benefit from.

Positive Outcomes, Better Lives

When a child is matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister, they are 63% more likely to have post-secondary education, have 81% stronger financial literacy, and 80% more likely to pursue healthy lifestyles. These are just some of the positive outcomes made possible by mentoring.

So, please, make a short video and share it on your social media. Be creative, show off a skill or talent, and tell us a little bit about the special people in your life that you learned from. Or just share a heartfelt story about someone who made a big impact on your life and pass on the knowledge you gained from them. Or better yet, do both!

Everyone Needs a Mentor!


If you would like to create a video about how mentoring in our programs has impacted your life, just create the video, hashtag it with #BeBigger and let us know about it and we will publish it on our website as well as our social media channels!



Here are some videos about the #bebigger campaign:





Ron MacLean - Sportscaster

Brian Saunderson – Former Olympian and Mayor of Collingwood

Kevin Bambrough - Founder of the #BeBigger Challenge